This depends on the property in question; tenancies can last from six months to 12 months, and could be on a rolling basis.
On a standard AST agreement the shortest term we can offer is 6 months. However, if you require something for a shorter term we offer luxury short-let accommodation in the centre of Oxford. Please see our short-stays tab for more information

There may be additional furniture within the property, but as basic furnishings are defined as thus:

– Bedroom – bed, wardrobe and chest of draws

– Kitchen – fridge/freezer, cooker & washing machine

– Sitting room – sofa(s)

An unfurnished property is absent of the above furniture, except where white goods are concerned.

You are responsible for the maintenance of the garden, and the cleaning of the house. You are entitled to hire gardeners, cleaners and other additional household help.
While the landlord has his own insurance for the property, this does not cover your belongings or accidental damage caused during your tenancy it is up to you whether you would like to insure your own belongings within the property – we advise that expensive items are all insured.
We will carry out inspections throughout your tenancy; checking for any maintenance problems that may have been overlooked. You are responsible for keeping the garden tidy and house clean and habitable. You are also responsible for the replacement of light bulbs.
Should there be a genuine emergency then phone our out of hour’s maintenance team. We will discuss your scenario and should we be required to attend because of a fault of the Tenant there will be a charge of £15.00 per hour, plus the cost of the relevant contractor. For any emergency that is beyond the control of the maintenance team (e.g. fire, theft or where people’s lives are at risk of danger) call the emergency services on 999.
This is very difficult to predict as it depends on usage of the individual.
Your deposit is protected by a government-authorised scheme which landlords sign up to. This ensures that the agreed amount is returned to you at the end of your tenancy. Should you have any disputes about the returned deposit you can raise them with the deposit protection scheme.
We accept a range of payment methods: cheque, cash, standing order and credit/debit card payments.
We do not offer break clauses as a rule of thumb. However this is up to each individual landlord. Should this be an issue, please contact us.
One set of keys per tenant will be given.
After the landlord has taken any deductions from the deposit you can expect it back within 10 days of your request of the deposit back.
Rents are due the 1st day of each month.
On the date your tenancy begins you will be given a standing order form to take to the bank and arrange with the bank for your rent to be paid.

Your rent is calculated by the total rent for the whole property divided by the number of occupants divided by the number of months the tenancy is valid. If you move into the property during the middle of the month, an apportioned rent will be calculated.

Should the problem be urgent we will endeavour to resolve it right away. If there are issues with the property, our Property Manager will assess the situation and let you know the timescale of work.
If you have any questions or issues always contact your Property Manager. If you’re unsure who this is, just call the office and they will put you through. They will always endeavour to resolve the issue as soon and as quickly as possible.
At the end of your tenancy the Property Manager and Landlord will work out what the tenant is liable to pay, allowing for fair wear and tear.